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Nathanael Dewhurst possesses a rare combination of artistic and technical talents.

He has an uncanny ability to understand and communicate... He is a born teacher.
Past computer support people have routinely…[left] me in the dark. Not so with Nathanael. He took the time and thought to engage me and my ignorance and turned it into a learning experience.
Different than most technically-minded people, he also has a facile command of the English language and can translate thoughts into fluid prose. He designed a website from my notes and honed the language and presentation to masterful levels. He could have been an ad man, but I'm grateful to have found this thoughtful, artistic techie.
- David Sokol
Project Time-Frame Description
Peace Dinners
Recent This business brings fresh, globally-inspired meals to the doorsteps of Boston-area customers. My role was to create an economical website presenting weekly menus and facilitating online meal ordering, subscription management, and more. To achieve this, I employed the Drupal content management system and learned to develop within that framework. We successfully redefined many e-commerce norms to fit our unique business model and user experience goals.
Our Wedding Site
Recent A resource for our wedding guests, designed amidst the exciting and stressful pre-marriage sprint. This fun but tasteful mini-site includes graphic and visual design, writing, and a touch of database development (for lodging inventory). I'm personally pleased with the hotel comparison icons :-) All content original except the primary hotel/merchant logos and the source images for our original wedding invitations.
David Sokol, Attorney at Law
Recent This simple, professional website was designed from scratch and incorporates original photography, copywriting/editing and a collaborative consulting process. By putting myself in my client's shoes and facilitating a steady stream of open communication, I was able to create a product that matched his (at times unspoken) vision.
Contact me (see below) about viewing the evolution of this project, as captured by my online project management portal.
Pharma-Nutritional Brokers, Inc.
Middle-Distance This complex project entailed website/graphic design, database development, and web-application logic, aiming to provide insurance industry professionals a powerful and intuitive RIA to automate data processes, increase transparency, and streamline their workflow.
Contact me (see below) about viewing portions of this project in order to get a better picture of what I developed and what I learned from this endeavor.
Glasgo Plastics The Early Days This project allowed me to put basic web design principles into practice and greatly expanded my understanding of modern web standards, CSS syntax and behavior, and browser compatability issues, while requiring some graphic design, javascript and other elements as well. I worked with the owners of a small/mid-size manufacturer of composite plastics to completely redesign their website. I was given a company logo that had been created by another (graphic) designer, and created a static website with a visual theme based on that one logo. I custom-made most of the graphics seen on the site (with the exception of the aforementioned logo and many of the stock-like product sample photos). This successful learning experience played into my eventual desire to pursue web design and development as a career path.




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